We are an agent of change.

MaRS Innovation is the official commercialization agent for the intellectual property created by our 15 members. Technologies disclosed to us span therapeutics, medical devices and diagnostic imaging, information and communications technologies, and advanced manufacturing and clean technologies.

MaRS Innovation taps into $1 billion of annual research and development in Toronto’s largest research hub. Located within the MaRS Discovery District, we are a separate, not-for-profit organization and have an independent mandate, board of directors and staff.

We also enjoy the support of  the Federal and Ontario Governments and our members as part of their strategies to close the nation’s productivity gap and improve Canada’s economic security. In 2008, the Networks of Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) gave us $14.95 million over five years and our members contributed a further $10 million in addition to in-kind contributions of nearly another $10 million.

MI itself is an innovation.

Creating an organization like MaRS Innovation is completely unprecedented and speaks to the readiness of Toronto’s academic, health care and research communities to unleash the benefits of clustering. This willingness to experiment has enabled MI to bundle research assets together, from both a scientific and business perspective, while keeping the individual integrity of the IP intact.