utestThe UTEST Program is part of U of T’s growing ecosystem of incubators and commercialization support services.

UTEST is jointly administered by Kurtis Scissons at the Innovations & Partnerships Office at the University of Toronto and by Mike Betts at MaRS Innovation.

It provides nascent software companies with start-up funding, office space in the MaRS Discovery District facility, mentoring and business strategy support.

UTEST accepts companies in the very earliest stages of idea generation— before they’re ready for traditional incubators — and awards each company up to $30,000 in start-up funds.

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Kurtis Scissons
Co-director, UTEST

Michael Betts
Co-director, UTEST


UTEST 2013 Companies

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 9.37.28 AMCompany Name: eQOL, Inc. 
Product: Digital tools for people living with chronic conditions beyond hospital settings

eQOL’s first product, DiCAT, is a mobile-based solution for renal dialysis patients. DiCAT provides chronically-ill patients with tools that enable them to care for themselves using home dialysis, which is especially important in remote areas.

Using DiCAT, doctors can monitor their patients and intervene whenever necessary, especially during emergencies. DiCAT is unique because it extends beyond traditional monitoring systems by incorporating patient-oriented tools, enabling patients to respond immediately and independently to non-urgent issues. eQOL’s self-care model increases patient engagement and improves condition management, resulting in cost reduction across Ontario’s healthcare ecosystem and beyond.


etwenty-logoCompany Name: E-Twenty Development Inc.
Product: Hospital Concierge, a zero-infrastructure wayfinding tool

Poor wayfinding by patients, visitors and staff costs the average hospital several hundred thousand dollars each year. E-Twenty has developed a patent-pending indoor wayfinding and navigation system that requires no Wi-Fi, GPS, or additional infrastructure. Its flagship product, Hospital Concierge, is a location-aware healthcare app for iOS and Android that enables efficient wayfinding and enhances staff, patient, and visitor interactions inside hospitals. E-Twenty has signed two major university-affiliated medical centers as beta test sites for its product.



R2CCompany Name: Root2Crown, Inc.
Product: Hardware and software to conduct dental risk assessments

Root2Crown is developing hardware and software solutions to make it easier to conduct and communicate required dental risk assessment processes while increasing the efficiency, reliability and availability of dental health assessment and diagnosis for dental schools, practices and the general public.



Company Name: Treata Smart Solutions, Inc.
Product: Wearable technology to help memory-impaired older adults and their caregivers

Mild cognitive impairment affects as many as 20 per cent of older adults, and the problem is growing — every eight seconds, another Baby Boomer turns 65. Caring for a loved one with memory loss can cause frustration, distress, and real economic loss for caregivers. Lost wages cost caregivers approximately $75 million in 2010.  The Treata SmartCaregiver system, which includes a Lost Item Finder, Smart Wandering Assistant and Smart Reminder phone app, helps people with memory loss live independently longer, and gives their loved ones peace of mind. Follow Treata Smart Solutions on Twitter.


TrendMD[1]Company Name: TrendMD
Product: Medical publication trending engine

TrendMD, a medical trending engine, instantly delivers personalized, high-impact research articles. With over 2,000 new publications added daily, TrendMD uses aggregate social metrics and algorithmic filters to identify the few must-read articles. Founded in 2013 by physicians looking for an easier way to keep up, TrendMD’s goal is simple: keep medical professionals current and save them time. Follow TrendMD on Twitter.


UTEST 2012 Companies

CoursePeer Logo

Company Name: CoursePeer
Academic talent management software
Market Size: $1.29 trillion

CoursePeer is a revolutionary suite of learning tools for varied environments. Highly scalable and fully integrated, these tools can be deployed from the cloud on a distributed basis, or through institutional and enterprise intranets with cloud-based support. The company’s software solutions combine blended learning, video, quizzes, and live interactions with a social network that encourages people to interact.

The academic version is targeted at universities and colleges. CoursePeer enables professors to deliver content while accelerating communication with and among students. Student assessment is facilitated, as is review of course content for external accreditation.

The corporate version seamlessly offers employee training, certification, intranet and long-term advanced performance assessment. Download CoursePeer Profile (PDF).


Crowdmark Logo: Grade BetterCompany Name: Crowdmark
Product: Grade papers in the cloud
Market Size: $3 billion

Crowdmark is a scalable educational assessment system that creates an efficient labour market for exam marking through their proprietary technology. Marker feedback systems and adaptive marking interfaces ensure rapid, accurate and pedagogically rich assessments of student work. Read Crowdmark’s EdSurge profile.


Granata Decision System logo Nov 2013Company Name: Granata Decision Systems
Product: Decision support and optimization package
Market Size: $10.5 billion

Granata’s decision-support technologies help businesses and consumers make complex, data-driven group decisions by gathering preferences and evaluating decisions to maximize value to relevant stakeholders.

Their patent-pending algorithms and API support efficient reasoning about groups and require minimal preference information, easing the demands on participants, driving participation, and providing better results. Their API will be widely available for B2C and B2B customers.


Shotlst LogoCompany Name: Shotlst
Product: Building information modeling software
Market Size: $6.5 billion by 2020

This online service uses annotated digital images (photos or digitally-created documents) to allow collaborating on digital or physical projects. Using Shotlst, users can version both physical and digital content while providing metrics and activity reporting.

Shotlst is also designing an API service for annotation in its back end that will work across a range of 2D and 3D spaces. This API is intended for use by a variety of front-end software interfaces, including augmented reality and 3D spaces.

Read the interview with Shotlst co-founder, U of T Professor Matt Ratto in the Globe and Mail. 


Thotra logo Company Name: Thotra
Product: Speech therapy and augmented communication software.
Market Size: $15 billion

Thotra’s revolutionary mobile technology transforms an individual’s hard-to-understand speech, whether due to an accent or speech disorder, to clear speech.

Thotra’s cloud-based platform is available for individuals, speech therapists and language instructors, and can be embedded for enterprise use.


Whirlscape logo

Company Name: Whirlscape
Simplified, mobile typing software
Market Size:
$100 million

Want to simplify your mobile typing? Whirlscape has created novel algorithms that help to turn even the most imprecise letter entry into the intended word using a new text input method for mobile touchscreen devices.