NuraLogix™ Corporation is the first commercial application that reveals both visible and hidden facial emotions using blood-flow analysis. This new imaging technology, Transdermal Optical Imaging, uses a conventional video camera to reveal facial blood flow changes when people are experiencing various hidden emotions, including emotions associated with lying. This versatile technology has several business applications, including marketing research.

NuraLogix has completed two pilot studies in the food and beverages industry with an Ontario-based company that revealed complementary EQ intelligence to the traditional pen and paper questionnaire. In particular, the studies found inconsistencies in subject feedback and expressed opinions about such qualities as after tastes as compared to the data captured by the technology.

Kang Lee, the founder of NuraLogix, has a TED Talk titled, “Can you really tell if a kid is lying?” Watch the video here.


  • Dr. Kang Lee
  • Dr. Paul Zheng

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