A Foundational Framework

MaRS Innovation’s disclosure pipeline is sourced by one of the world’s leading academic clusters, which cumulatively receives over $1 billion in basic research and discovery funding each year. Our members include:

  • three universities
  • nine teaching and research hospitals
  • two specialized research institutions
  • our separate sister organization, the MaRS Discovery District

We’ve reviewed over 1,00 novel disclosures ranging from drug development projects to medical devices to mobile technology and electronics projects in the physical sciences.

When MaRS Innovation accepts a disclosure of intellectual property from one of our member institutions, we ensure the project receives the early-stage technology development it needs to reach the market, which is often the greatest commercialization obstacle.

Through our embedded management model, MI staff act as deal team leaders for the licensable technologies or interim executive management for our start-up companies. This practice provides hands-on management and business development while mentoring academic inventors in best entrepreneurial practices.

Our portfolio currently includes:

Some projects are currently operating in quiet mode and are therefore not listed here. Others are being added to the appropriate section on an ongoing basis.

Contact us for more information about our full portfolio.