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About MaRS Innovation’s Services

Inventors who choose to work with MaRS Innovation don’t go it alone. When we take a technology into our portfolio, we provide all of the services to take it from the bench to the market, covering all aspects of the early-stage development cycle.

MI’s services are exclusively available to founding teams connected to our members. If you have questions about your eligibility, contact the technology transfer office at your institution.

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MaRS Innovation’s experience team can help your technology realize its market potential.

Services We Provide
Strategy Development
  • Assisting with business strategy, product development and target market strategies.
  • Developing strategic product and services, and product and technology roadmaps.
  • Providing guidance and advice regarding intellectual property strategy (e.g., when to apply for patents and when to maintain technology as a trade secret).
  • Securing general insurance and directors’ and officers’ liability insurance
  • Assisting with fundraising, including business plans and pitch deck development
  • Structuring terms of license agreements.
Business Development
  • Preparing competitive market assessments.
  • Developing strategic partnerships and alliances.
  • Implementing an account management focus.
  • Ensuring compliance with government regulations and industry standards.
  • customer and strategic partner business development and management,
  • Developing the go-to-market strategy.
  • Establishing a rigorous sales management and tracking process (e.g., sales funnel, rational and supportable revenue projections, etc.).
  • Branding the company and positioning its products and services (e.g., introduction to suitable designers or agencies, feedback from MI’s director of marketing and communications, etc.).
Intellectual Property
  • Forming offensive and defensive IP strategies.
  • Assessing the company’s informal freedom to operate.
  • Filing trademark applications.
  • Liaising with leading information system providers to ensure the company’s seamless product integration over a broad range of devices and healthcare IT systems (where applicable).
  • Preparing and filing provisional patent applications.
  • Sourcing patent counsel and working with them to assist in utility applications, national phase decision-making, etc. (lead by MI’s director of intellectual property).
Project Management
  • Working with the company to establish milestones (e.g., product development, business development, marketing and communications presence and/or strategies, etc.).
  • Establishing a formal risk management process.
  • Establishing a monthly review operational and process meetings.
  • Providing a full suite of templates such as standard employment letters, confidentiality agreements, consulting agreements, etc.
  • Building out the company’s facilities, including offices and wet labs.
  • Setting up bank accounts and obtaining a line of credit.
  • Making vendor introductions and opening vendor accounts.
  • Creating IT infrastructure, including email systems, web domain acquisition, computing networking and back-up systems).
  • Establishing lab operation support, including standard operating procedures, office management functions and miscellaneous logistics.
Marketing Resources
  • Collaborating to help develop strategic marketing and communications plans or campaigns.
  • Assisting with company brand development and establishing or improving the company’s website, including introductions to vendors.
  • Crafting and distributing announcements for the company’s launch, funding milestones, product developments or other product news.
  • Reviewing product, customer or stakeholder messaging.
  • Providing social and digital media training for start-up executives or teams.
Human Resources
  • Providing embedded management on an interim basis, depending on company’s needs (e.g., CEO, COO, CFO, business development, operations, engineering management, project management, human resources and marketing and communications).
  • Acting as the hiring manager for the company’s first hires and sourcing Canadian visas for foreign hires.
  • Administering payroll.
  • Setting up and administering employee healthcare benefits coverage with an insurance provider as well as employee records and training.
  • Mentoring the company as appropriate regarding internal communications and staff development.
  • Developing, implementing and managing an Employee Stock Option Plan, including sourcing tax advice regarding option plan and pricing.
Financial Management
  • Help with setting up operational budgets, cash flow budgets, capex and plan expenditures.
  • Assistance creating a financial case for fundraising, including necessary support documents.
  • Implementing an accounting system, including a purchase order and invoice approval system and keeping proper timesheets for SRED and other tax credit purposes.
  • Identifying opportunities for NRC-IRAP support.
  • Negotiating terms with other public funding sources (legal counsel brought in by MI as required).
  • Providing back-office accounting services until the company can hire internal staff.
Investor Relations
  • Mentoring the management team on board of director and investor relationships.
  • Implementing rigorous governance procedures, including board procedures and instruction in how to organize board meetings, assembling board materials and maintaining board minutes.
  • Liaising with the company’s member institution and previous seed funders.
Next Round Funding
  • Making introductions to angel investors and venture capital fund managers.
  • Sourcing appropriate legal counsel for structuring and ongoing corporate needs.
  • Obtaining advice on the appropriate incorporation structure and form, including registering an incorporated entity for tax purposes.
  • Preparing business plans and investor pitches, along with presenter coaching.
  • Coordinating due diligence and maintaining files for third-party review; interfacing with funding sources.