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Why Work With Us?

As the commercialization agent for our 14 members, MaRS Innovation takes a market-lens approach to assessing technology and accelerating those with the greatest market potential.

We work with the researchers and their home institution to choose the most suitable market path (e.g., creating a company or structuring a license deal).

With a bird’s eye view on activity across our membership, we can spot emerging trends or respond to industry requests for specific technology areas while encouraging even deeper collaboration among researchers.

MaRS Innovation almost always acts as the first investor into the start-up companies we create or the technologies we take into our portfolio, and provides the financial and management resources needed to de-risk and launch ventures.


MaRS Innovation’s offices.

MaRS Innovation shifted my perspective from BlueDot's research to its potential as a global business. They worked with me to incorporate the company, develop a business plan and model suitable for a social enterprise, and hire key talent, while supporting me through BlueDot’s early stages of growth and development.
Kamran Khan, MD, MPH
Founder / BlueDot
MaRS Innovation is doing some great things with great people. The honest war stories from seasoned entrepreneurs, tough love from advisors and direct support from people on the team are a rare find. MI and UTEST are and continue to be the reasons we're thriving as a business.
Marissa Wu
Co-Founder / Onyx Motion
MaRS Innovation understood the value of my invention and saw its potential when others didn’t (they’re starting to now!). I’m grateful for the investment and mentoring I received through the UTEST program.
James Colliander, PhD
Co-Founder / Crowdmark
The UTEST program and MaRS Innovation have been fantastic for TrendMD; we would not be where we are today without them. Both from a strategic and financial perspective, UTEST definitely served as the initial spark that was crucial for getting us off the ground.
Paul Kudlow, MD
Founder / TrendMD
MaRS Innovation’s unique ecosystem allows innovators and researchers to keep the high impact of their innovation while enabling it with frameworks for commercialization. Their dedicated expert team allowed us to launch, structure and scale our company both in Canada and in the rest of the world while allowing us to maintain our research and academic mandates.
Hossein Rahnama, PhD
Founder / Flybits
There is nothing more powerful I can say than the simple fact that we would not even exist as a company were it not for the UTEST program.
William Walmsley
Co-Founder / Whirlscape
MaRS Innovation was a vital partner as we refined our technology, our business model and our go-to-market strategy. Without their support, and the support of UTEST, we would not be in the position we are today.
Craig Boutilier, PhD
Co-Founder / Granata Decision Systems
The guidance and resources that Mars Innovation has provided significantly excelled Nvest forward. We have appeared on major newspapers, formed important relationships with strategic partners, and developed stronger user acquisition strategy. Our progress and success to date and trajectory going forward could not have been achieved without the combined help of MaRS Innovation and UTEST.
Fredrick Zhou
Co-Founder / NVest
For Researchers

If you’re a researcher and you’d like to disclose a technology to MaRS Innovation, there are a few things you should know:

  • We can only work with researchers within our members as dictated by our membership agreement.
  • If you do research within our membership community, your first step is to disclose your technology to your institution’s technology transfer office. (Below is a graphic that shows this process.)

MaRS Innovation works with researchers from many disciplines, including clean technology, ICT (including healthcare IT), medical devices, medical diagnostics, physical sciences and therapeutics.

Our Process
Infographic showing the process of new disclosures.

How MaRS Innovation accepts technologies

For Industry

MaRS Innovation regularly meets with industry representatives across a variety of sectors to understand their interest in early-stage technologies, source suitable connections and find creative ways to work together.

MI has also established co-managed strategic partnership funds with five large pharmaceutical companies (Baxter, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Pfizer) and one diagnostics company (Life Labs).

These funds are accessible to MI-managed technologies on a continual basis and to programs such as the MI-Industry Access Program (MI-IAP). See the Funding Programs section for more information.

Contact our venture development team if you’re interested in working with us.

Comment about industry.

Through strategic, co-managed partnership funds, MaRS Innovation and its industry partners select and co-develop technologies of mutual interest.


For Investors

When working with our portfolio companies, MaRS Innovation regularly meets with external investors. To date, external investors have invested over $125 million into our portfolio with $95 million coming from investors outside of Canada.

Canadian Investors
  • BDC Venture Capital
  • CTI Life Sciences Fund
  • Epic Capital
  • Lumira Capital
  • Maple Leaf Angels
  • MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund
  • Trellis Capital
  • Winfield Venture Group
  • Other angel groups and private trusts
International Investors
  • Bernard M. Gordon Unitrust
  • Domain Associates, LLC
  • Horizons Ventures
  • Puffin Partners
  • Qiagen, NV
  • Robert Bosch Venture Capital
  • Takeda Ventures
  • Vodafone
  • Ycombinator

Contact our venture development team if you’re interested in working with us.

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MaRS Innovation works with investors within Canada and from all over the world.